Stay-On Power Oil

Stay-On Power Oil

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As they say “A man’s pride is in his Manhood”. Stay-On Power Oil is designed just for that. It helps you gain the girth that you always missed. Massage 5-6 drops of oil everyday on the male organ for enhanced blood flow & erection. This Oil is a combination of 9-herbs and is intended as an external massage oil to improve blood flow and provide better erections. Using the oil is easy. Apply 5-6 drops of oil everyday on your organ and massage as directed. For better results, apply it daily 15 -20 minutes before bed time. You will start scoring again as early as 10 days, but it is recommended to complete a full 30 days course to see enjoyable effects. A very important advantage of using the Stay-On Power Oil for men is that this works very effectively towards increasing the sex drive, and also sexual desire in males. This is done by facilitating a higher flow of blood to the male organ during sexual activity. By going for the recommended dosage of the Stay-On Power Oil for Men, males would find that intimate activity becomes more pleasurable, and the size of the male organ increases as well.


What is massage? It is widely used popular scientific healthcare practices known to history to reduce stress, increase relaxation and help stimulate mechanical changes. What is Stay-On Massage Oil? It is an ideal ayurvedic preparation in oil to help enhance massage practices with efficacy. Its a mixture of 9 ayurvedic medicines like Kalonji, Gokharu, Ashwagandha etc. How to massage with Stay-On Massage Oil? First wash with lukewarm water. Take 3-4 drops of Stay-On Oil on your palm and gently massage your desired part avoiding the tip. For better results use it daily before retiring to bed. Feel the change like never before. For better performance take Ginseng fortified Stay-On Power Capsules.

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