Saffron (Kesar)




A very interesting fact about saffron (Kashmira, Kumkuma) is that around 150,000 flowers are used to create 1 kg of dried saffron, and that makes it the most expensive spice in the world. While saffron happens to be a popular section of cuisine in India, Spain and Italy, it is found in India, Spain, Greece and parts of Middle East.

Saffron or Kesar is rich in potassium, magnesium, zinc and selenium and is abundant with antioxidants that destroy free radicals. We love saffron as a part of our diet and delicacies, but many would be surprised to know the tremendous aphrodisiacal properties of saffron. The basic mechanism saffron has on our bodies involves its soothing and calming effects. And this in turn increases the libido.

Saffron has fine aphrodisiacal properties for men and women alike, and it also helps with anxiety, insomnia, PMS and insulin resistance. Some of the antioxidants it contains include crocin, crocetin and safranal. While these increase sexual desire and arousal, blood flow to sexual organs is enhanced.

Picocrocin is a chemical in saffron which makes the body, in particular the sexual organs more sensitive to touch. The perception of tactile sensations is heightened.

Whenever there is a weakness in the reproductive system, the desire for pleasure and satisfaction, which is the libido, decreases. By taking away the weakness from reproductive system, saffron makes sure that the subject has a higher libido.

So with the compounds as mentioned earlier, Saffron ensures that erection quality improves to a great extent. This stands especially true for older men. Alternately with its naturally relaxing effect on the body, saffron reduces stress levels as well as tension. 

Research has shown that saffron stands as one of the herbs which boost the human sex drive to a great extent. Effects of erectile dysfunction are reduced, and one is able to attain longer erections.

Alternately, Saffron is very often linked with folklore as well. Romans used to sprinkle saffron on the beds of newlyweds.

 But utility of saffron extends much beyond folklore, and the spice is a great way to treat sexual dysfunctions and promote fertility. For men, it is the perfect way to get over issues like premature ejaculation. And for women, using saffron works effectively as a solution for menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome. And this even has a utility for treating complex sexual health ailments.