Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera), also known as Indian Ginseng or Winter Cherry is one of the prime ingredients in Stay-On Power Capsules, and is well renowned for promoting sexual prowess along with vigor and vitality for men and women alike.
In particular for women, Ashwagandha root works nicely to ensure that one ages gracefully and stimulates sex drive to a great extent.

1. Stress is one of the factors which affect aging. Cortisol is the body’s stress hormone, and it leads to muscle loss and wrinkles, even cognitive impairment. But Ashwagandha slows down the aging process by putting the production of cortisol to a halt.

2. Similarly for someone looking to boost sexual stamina, Ashwagandha can work wonders. The mystical herb enhances vitality by increasing blood flow and reducing body tension. Alternately, this acts as the perfect libido enhancer and has even been mentioned in Kama Sutra, one of the oldest surviving texts on human sexuality.

3. For post menopausal subjects, Ashwagandha health benefits extend to rendering relief by promoting hormonal balance.

4. A mood boosting herb, Aswagandha is greatly helpful for women suffering from depression, and this acts as a fine fertility booster as well. This supports thyroid function, the organ responsible for supporting hormone function and with reduction of stress, it works towards boosting fertility.

Just as in the case of women, Ashwagandha acts as the magical herb which helps men to be filled with youthfulness and vitality even as they age. Alternately, Aswagandha benefits include its tremendous aphrodiscal properties which boost sexual prowess for men. Ashwagandha boosts the cognitive function, allows one to get over stress and find more energy for everyday activities. While this promotes male vitality, it improves the hormonal function and ensures a better long term health for a subject.

This has a positive impact on male reproductive hormone and acts as an excellent hormone stabilizer. So much so, that it revitalizes hormone imbalance in men. Ashwagandha acts as an adaptogen, which means a hormone stabilizer, irrespective of the underlying factor which may be causing hormonal imbalance, be it adrenal fatigue or overtraining.

While hormonal balance ensures a higher degree of vitality for men, Ashwagandha ensures a healthy prostate, keeps the body weight within limits and ensures a better erectile response, while making sure that the individual is able to limit unnecessary fatigue. Additionally, the herb encourages strength and muscle development. Overall this ensures that one feels a greater energy, drive and confidence.