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Daily stress, longer working hours and hectic schedules have led us to a lifestyle wherein we do not find adequate time for ourselves. Add to this our daily habits of overeating, less sleep and excessive consumption of alcohol/tobacco, lead to all kinds of lifestyle disorders! Constant migraines, body aches, severe cases of ulcers & piles have become as common as flu & cold.

As per the Royal College of Psychiatrists, 1 in 6 people report feeling tired and exhausted throughout the day. Over 50% of women are reported to be stressed at work and home! A very large percentage of men in the 28 - 40 age-group have reported issues like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Everyday visits to doctors, heavy dosage medication and anti-depressant drugs have become ACCEPTABLE solutions for such lifestyle problems



However these short term fixes may result in long-term irreparable damages. It is possible to get over these issues and live the life you always desired – all that is needed on your behalf is the intent to bring about a change! Ayurveda & authentic herbal remedies have proven to be the safest choice to build immunity, enhance stamina and add longitivtiy to our lives. Combine this with stress busting Yoga and Meditation routines, positive changes are sure to reflect on to your everyday life!

The team at Stay-On believes in the magic of Ayurveda and it can work wonders for you too! Our unique formulation of the highest quality extracts, herbal capsules & oils have helped millions to overcome stress related side-effects like loss in stamina, impotency, sperm depletion and overall well-being.



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Stay-On formulations of rare herbs include the highest quality Ginseng and Kesar which have proven benefits for rejuvenation. Regular in-take of our capsules with milk in the morning & early evening keeps you energetic through out the day and helps avoid bedtime fatigue with additional re-vitality for your brain!

All of Stay-On products are 100% vegetarian and have No side effects! Stay-On also helps reverse the side-effects of cheap Sildenafil drugs. Our customers have reported reduced headaches, zero constipation and reduced heart-risks.

Stay-On is an outcome of years of research & herbal data. The makers use hi-quality Ashwagandha extract which is proven to correct Erectile Dysfunction and rekindle desire for intimacy! Worried about Premature Ejaculation? Now you don't have to do separate pills for PE! Stay-On combines the power of Safed Musli which counteracts debility and the herbo-mineral Shilajeet works on energy revival. A simple 30-60 days course will now help you prolong bedtime activity without having to worry about side-effects like in other drugs.

Stay-On products are manufactured in an GMP certified international facility and ships worldwide including US, Canada and UK. We accept credit/debit cards, Paypal and bank transfers.




Stay-On Products Safety & Efficacy

Clinical tests conducted among a random sample of 40 individuals have shown amazing results for the Stay-On Power capsules. Participants have reported enhancements in Testosterone Levels, increase in sperm serum counts and overall improvement in erectile function (IIEF-15).

Results for Semen Analysis and Serum DHES-Testosterone Level*

Results for Semen Analysis and Serum DHES-Testosterone Level

Results for Improvement* in IIEF-15 questionnaire score

Results for Improvement* in IIEF-15 questionnaire score